Monday, June 21, 2010

Taman Burung Penang

During weekend which I'm not sure the exact date, me and hubby took Luffy to Penang Bird Park. Luffy was very keen with bird, every time he sees bird, he will point and shout telling us there is bird. I know there is bird park in Penang, but I have never been there. Maybe because it is situated at the mainland and I rarely went there. Husband did checked on Wikimapia on the park whereabout, but somehow we got lost... Hehehe Funny because actually the Park situated nearby the Sunway Carnival Mall which the only place that we oftenly visit at mainland.

The entry ticket cost RM12 for adult and RM8 for kid. There are lot type of bird there. Luffy did enjoy at first, but after sometime he got tired since he did not get his nap yet. After half trip, he doze off left me and hubby enjoying the birds..

This is cute

Ladies in the pink socks

The snobbish Peacock

Men of my life hehehe..Luffy mesmerize with the birds..

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